Sunday, July 22, 2007

Work, work, work!

Well, I just finished my first week on aniamting at work, twas pretty intense. I work 9 hour shifts! But it's all good, cuz it's definately the best job ive ever had.

I think its safe to say that ive gotten the hang of Toon Boom Solo, despite its MANY frustrations and non-user friendlyness. My co-animators ask me for help when there's a problem, so i guess i must know something! Were doing like vectorial cut-out animation, its certainly doesnt have the charm of golden age hand drawn toons, but its damn efficient and probably the only way we couldve gotten 30 mins of aniamtion done in a month with only 3 animators! Id love to post some of the animations ive done, but unfortunately i dont exactly own the rights to them. Eventually i should be able to when the film is released.

One of the animators im working with is my good friend Jess AKA EsSe, who's blog link i finally added on my page. Her blog is shared with her significant other and a buddy of mine, David AKA Ika. Both are extremely talented, so check out themz works.

Other than all that, the occasional Starcraft game, movie outing and late night city dwelling are part of my curriculum. And of course the weekly Drink & Draws, which will be missed when im back in Oakville.... Ill hafto start up another one there, but i know the Montreal one will keep going strong.

Ill be posting some new sketches soon, but here's my latest colored illustration (in casee you havent seen it on my new DA account,


roz said...

oh man you know what this means....were going to be harassing you to help us like we harassed sam last year :P

Matias Hannecke said...

Man. Thats better than any over priced horse shit education you could ever get from sheridan! Awesome!