Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kimmy Alexandre of LSD Stargirls

For what feels like quite a while now ive been having this sort of creative block. Seems like all the work ive been doing is purely for the sake of passing my classes. Whenever i open my sketchbook to draw, my mind goes blank. Therefore, i am currently in the process of regaining my passion for drawing for the sake of drawing. I dont think ive even made a finished illustration since the summer.

Anywho, I figured i should start out with something familiar, so i finally decided to continue my LSD Stargirl's band idea.

Presenting, Kimmy Alexandre, the lead singer:

It's a shame the colors dont seem to come out as saturated and neon when uploaded to blogger.

You may remember Cindy Valquist, the keytarist, in my May 31, 2007 post.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sketchy Highlights

Well im back in school for my 4th semester. With 3 hours less of class than last semester, im expecting things to go pretty smoothly. The animation projects seem to be all about lip synching and acting, which is quite exciting, really.

Seems like the more you go, the more you get tempted by just wanting to quit school and work in the industry. Just last week, i was told by some working animator friends in montreal that they needed animators for a big feature project they were working on, which happened to be an awesome, but that i naturally had to turn down. But then i reminded myself that once i start working, ill be doing that for most of my life, so i might as well stay in school for a while and enjoy the ride.

Anyway, figured since i didnt have much accomplished here yet, id just post a few selections from my fall sketchbook...


Tonight ill finally get to see Persepolis, ill be really disapointed if it doesn't live up to expectations...