Monday, December 24, 2007


Just got back form seeing Juno, the latest Jason Reitman directed film (the dude behind Thank You For Smoking)... WOW, I mean really. I havent enjoyed a movie this much in quite a while. Off the top of my head, Juno is probably the best film ive seen this year, and its definately in my top list.

The thought occured to me that this might be one of those movies that im super thrilled about initially but then when i see it again on video im incredibly disapointed, and i pray that is not the case. Realistically though, i dont think is, i think its really just that good. Surely this is due to many factors, i guess they just had a really good team working on this thing. Sweet directing, swell acting and hilarious writing make this movie a real gem. It was written by this lass by the pen name of Diablo Cody who's apparently new to screenwriting, but wow! Way. To. Go. Cody.

This movie even made me giggle like a high bastard, do you know how difficult it is for me to even laugh out loud while watching a movie?

This is the kind of stuff i want to work on. I wish there were animated flicks like this too. I mean, why do animated feature films have to be limited to battling robots, cute forest animals and Ogres making fun of better movies? Im not saying there shouldnt be any of those types of animated flicks anymore (well except maybe Shrek sequels, there's enough of those), but why not a little variety? Why cant there be this wicked fun Fox Searchlight picture like Juno thats animated? I think the only animated flick they put out was Waking Life.

GAH! Anyway, do yourself a favor and go see Juno.

In theatres.



Oh yeah, i also saw Tim Burton's new musical, Sweeney Todd. Pales in comparison to Juno, but nonetheless, beautiful imagery and fun tunes. Almost unsettling because of a lack of Danny Elfman though, haha.

Note to self: See Ed Wood.

EDIT: Almost forgot!! Having Kimya Dawson and Moldy Peaches tracks in Juno was the cherry on the sunday. Well done.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just in time for Christmas it's............FUGGZLY!!!

Fuggzly & His Gift from Eric Angelillo on Vimeo.

Gotta keep up to date on the doodling this holiday season in beautiful Montreal, though I fear there will be far more time spent on the town, dancin' the night away.... perhaps a few cinema ventures as well.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Donny Takes Recreational Drugs!

Donny the party dude takes recreational drugs offered by his good friend Jacky.

Donny & Jacky like to hang out a lot at clubs and shows. Though Jacky might seem sad and quiet in demeanor, she's always up for good times in the nightlife. She finds pleasure in her wacky friend Donny, who tends to explode with energy at any given moment.

Donny Takes Recreational Drugs from Eric Angelillo on Vimeo.


Only one week of class left til' winter break, my next animation will be done by then. It stars my good friend Fugglzy the Rabbit and has a slight Xmasy (no, not Xtacy) theme to it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Captain Floursack, etc.

Here's the first animation I actually did this fall:

Just a fun cycle, really. Taught me that effects animation is no slice o' pie.

I usually wake up in the morning with the radio, which allows me to get some information about the world. Unfortunately im often still half asleep when i take in the broadcast information, so sometimes it gets mixed in with my dreams and im not quite sure whats real and whats not.

Anyway, im pretty sure some lady on the radio mentionned that Disney's Enchanted was no.1 at the box office (and Beowulf was 3rd, heh). Seems like good news, since it should help rekindle people and producers interest for traditional animation in feature films, even though the movie is mostly live action.

Sure enough I just read the wikipedia entry on the film, and it seems like it's actually gotten some pretty positive reviews. Maybe ill actually go see it in theatres, even though ive dreaded most non-animated Disney films since the dawn of my existence. I did actually see Mary Poppins for the first time last friday, and it wasnt so bad. That Julie Andrews was pretty easy on the eyes, haha.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Shelly Lifts A Heavy Purse

Yay, I finally posted an animation!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Shelly the Nymph

BEHOLD! A character design I should've posted weeks ago...

Basically, Shelly is a Nymph who lives in a park in the middle of a modern day metropolis. She has a lot of difficulty adapting to modern times, and spends her days skipping in the park woods or bathing in it's lake. City dwellers assume she's some sort of rare breed of hot hobo girl.

I'll post the animation were I used her shortly.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Beginning of School

Well, classes have begun again... I know first impressions arent everything but i must say im quite content with my teachers for this semester, they certainly all seem competent and fun. We now have our own desks at school, which is pretty sweet, i took a few shots of mine. Im pimped it out with all kinds of cool junk.

Unfortunately its quite difficult to acquire an animation disk, but ive improvised something until i can get one.

Haven't been spending much time on my computer lately, but ill try to keep updates flowing, hopefully with drawings and such.

Special thanks to Boris' cam for the pictures. ->

Saturday, August 25, 2007

End of Summer, End of Work

This week I finished my last days at Mandarine 24. Though im glad my part of the project is done and things went relatively smoothly, I will miss the place. Working there was an awesome first experience in the animation industry, and I hope to work there again as soon as I can.

Here's a pic of the studio:

Snazy, huh?

Monday I'm moving into my new home, pretty anxious to set up and maybe get some drawing/coloring done before school starts in September.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Random Encounters

Tonight while i was taking the metro home alone, i ran into this German Lass. She asked me what direction the metro was going, and from that we started a whole conversation. Even though it was only about 20 minutes until our paths seperated for what will most probably be forever, i felt like there was such a pleasing sense of connection. In the last minutes before our inevitable seperation, i pondered if i should of asked for her number or email, but finally i concluded that it wasnt necessary.

I really enjoy random encounters like the one i experienced tonight. I often wish for them to happen, but tonight it finally did, and im quite content. Maybe next time ill meet an Argentenian dude?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Doodles of July

I think it's safe to say that pretty much all of these were done at the weekly Montreal Drink & Draw gatherings, so good thing i attend them, cuz otherwise i wouldn't really be drawing.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Motion Cap & The Uncanny Valley

Seems like there's alot of controversy regarding motion capture animaton, similar to the one surrounding rotoscope animation. I personaly dont have a problem with the technique itself, but i find that it is often used with problematic results. Since i dont know all the technical details about going about it, perhaps i shouldnt be too quick to criticize, but i still feel that the same problem keeps coming up.

What bothers me the most about some mocap films is when they model the characters after their voice actors. Think of Tom Hanks in the Polar Express. If they want to character to look so much like Tom Hanks, why not just use Tom Hanks? The same people who made The Polar Express are now releasing a film titled Beowulf based on an old english poem. Its partly written by Neil Gaiman, so imagine the story will be great and all, but i just know the animation in dialogue scenes will be awkward. One of the characters is played by Angelina Jolie... and the character LOOKS JUST LIKE HER.

Its impressive in a way, but at the same time i cant help but notice how much of a waste it is. If you want a character to look real, film him in live action. Even if you have loads of special effects, the characters in dialogue scenes should be live action if "real" is what youre going for. 300 and Sin City are good examples. If the characters in those films were always animated characters, there would be an incredible loss of visual appeal.

It all comes back to this hypothesis i read about a little while ago called The Uncanny Valley (

Basically, the more something looks human, the more you can notice the differences (this is amplified for things that move). Therefore if the Jolie character looks almost exactly like Jolie, but not quite, the moment she moves itll feel awkward since she is moving "realistically" through mocap, but doesnt have the perfectly similar appearance. I imagine that eventually we will be able to model characters that are indeed identical to their voice actors, then perhaps this problem wont occur, but even if we get to that point, wouldnt it be alot cheaper to just film the actor in live action?

Last night I saw another mocap film by the name of Renaissance (

Its a french film noir/detective/sci-fi film set in Paris. This film at least stylised it's characters alot, however i feel like the animation shouldve been stylised just as much to compensate. What happens is that all the characters move like real people but visibly are not, therefore we get the same awkwardness as in most other mocap efforts. That being said, the film has some very beautiful sequences and is well worth seeing. The sets/layouts/backgrounds are particularly breathtaking. The story is a pretty typical detective story, but fun nonetheless.

As a final note, ive noticed that motion capture is particularly awkward with children. The children in Renaissance felt very odd, so did the ones in Final Fantasy: Advent Children. I cant say i know what it is exaclty, but there's definatley a problem with motion capture animation of children. Even the kids in Moster House felt odd to me, though perhaps less due to the bobble head factor.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Work, work, work!

Well, I just finished my first week on aniamting at work, twas pretty intense. I work 9 hour shifts! But it's all good, cuz it's definately the best job ive ever had.

I think its safe to say that ive gotten the hang of Toon Boom Solo, despite its MANY frustrations and non-user friendlyness. My co-animators ask me for help when there's a problem, so i guess i must know something! Were doing like vectorial cut-out animation, its certainly doesnt have the charm of golden age hand drawn toons, but its damn efficient and probably the only way we couldve gotten 30 mins of aniamtion done in a month with only 3 animators! Id love to post some of the animations ive done, but unfortunately i dont exactly own the rights to them. Eventually i should be able to when the film is released.

One of the animators im working with is my good friend Jess AKA EsSe, who's blog link i finally added on my page. Her blog is shared with her significant other and a buddy of mine, David AKA Ika. Both are extremely talented, so check out themz works.

Other than all that, the occasional Starcraft game, movie outing and late night city dwelling are part of my curriculum. And of course the weekly Drink & Draws, which will be missed when im back in Oakville.... Ill hafto start up another one there, but i know the Montreal one will keep going strong.

Ill be posting some new sketches soon, but here's my latest colored illustration (in casee you havent seen it on my new DA account,

Monday, July 9, 2007

Drawing Jamz

Ive been keeping on my toes with the doodling thanks to weekly drawing jams with my friends.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

M24 & some doodles

Well, I finally started working, and WHAT A JOB! Ive never been so thrilled about working. I got a job as a junior animator in a small Montreal studio by the name of Mandarine 24. They're work is pretty impressive, and I love their mixed-medium approach to everything, so I'm pretty psyched to be a part of the team, at least for the summer... Check out they're stuff here:

On another note, I made this drawing for a DVD cover for a short film I made about my best friend:

And here are some fairly recent doodles that I never took the time to upload.

...gotta update more frequently...

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cindy Valquist of LSD Stargirls

Cindy is the Keytarist and programmer for the New Wave/Electronica band; LSD Stargirls. I may or may not draw similar illustrations of her bandmates.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I may not be drawing much these days, but i have been reflecting alot.

Tonight i was discussing this thing about how there are like two types of people; People who like to learn and be aware of things (let's call them A's) and those who do not (let's call them B's, not that A is suppose to be of a better class necessarily, it's just to simplify the terms).

Most people seem to be of the second category, B. Im not saying that B's do not learn at all or are stupid, on the contrary, many will indeed be very knowledgeable in certain fields, however these people seem to be inclined on learning things only when there is something to gain directly from it. Example: Someone will take a plumbing class to become a plumber and therefore make money. An A person likes to learn for the simple pleasure of gaining more knowledge and generally being more aware (not that anybody would necessarily take a plumbing class just out of interest, it was just an example).

B's seem to be much more lazy too. A typical B person will tend to enjoy simple films (whatever is playing in 10 out of 20 projection rooms at the local cinema) and simple music (whatever is palying on the radio), because they tend to require less sensorial development or mental alertness. B people like going to the movies to lose themselves and not think for a little bit. A's will tend to enjoy films with more content that require more "mental effort" if you will. They like learning and stimulating their brains even when relaxing and being entertained. It's as if B's keep work, effort and learning completely seperate from fun and entertainment, whereas A's get fun and entertainment from working and learning.

B's tend to be people who live in a "bubble". An extreme example of a B might be a really religious person who refuses to believe in Dinosaurs and evolution despite scientific facts of such things. But there are many many other cases. Everybody is afraid of the unknown, it's instinct. But B's tend to REALLY be afraid of the unknown to a point where they close themselves off to the world.

I read something interesting today that explained the 3 stages of truth: 1.Ridicule, 2.Violent Opposition, 3. Acceptance. I found the stages to be very accurate and very representative of how B's often react to new knowledge. Example: Jimmy, along with most other people believes that the Earth is flat. Vicky, an astrologist or whatever, tells him it's round. Jimmy initially ridicules Vicky for saying such nonsense. To him, and most people, it's obviously flat. She continues to tell him it's round. Jimmy eventually gets angry, afterall, he's spent his whole 50 years of life believing it to be flat, he's not going to stand there and be lectured about how it isn't. Eventally Vicky shows him calculated proof and Jimmy finally accepts the truth. Many people today won't even get to that final stage, often because the truth can often be so shocking that that person would hafto radically change his or her's way of living to accept it. I've personally been met with some weird opposition just because of my vegetarian nutritional habits, which many people simply don't understand and often don't want to understand.

This whole "I don't want to accept this" thing also applies to other things such as Art, for example. A so-called B-type artist, let's call him Joey, might enjoy a certian style of figurative films. One day, Joey watches some abstract films in his Film History class. Joey, being a B-type, is so caught up in his "bubble" of figurative films that he cannot accept these abstract ones and therefore leaves the class. He might think it is useless for him to learn about them because he wants to be a figurative artist. An A-type so-called artist, even one who does necessarily like abstract films, would probably stay and watch them regardless of his personal feelings, and perhaps learn WHY he doesn't like them and gain knowledge from this. He's isn't afraid of this "unknown world" of abstract art. There's also a difference between liking something and respecting/appreciating it, but that's another can of worms.

Anyway, I'm not trying to say that B's are stupid of inferior to A's, but it's really something i've been thinking about. I personnaly like learning just to be more aware of the world around me. I don't like being ignorant. However the more i learn and grow, the more I find it difficult to socialize or interact with people who prefer remaining ignorant. It's scary because some of these people are friends or family.

Did all that make any sense?

Wow, typing thoughts down is fun.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Lack o' Posts

Yeah haven't posted much, heh. Going through some things...

Here's some stuff i finalized for my portfolio at the end of the school year:

On another note, I got a summer job at Mandarine 24 which is really really exciting. They do all sorts of animated work, notably some awesome music videos! Check them out at

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Needs more zany.

Lately I've been trying to learn more from Golden Age animation, seems like it might be a good idea.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Tod and His Morning Coffee

Like any of his fellow colleagues, Tod can't get started in the morning without his morning coffee...

Thursday, March 8, 2007


I finally got around to scanning a few pages from my sketchbook! Just a few doodles of Tinkerbell and other dudes and dudettes off the top of my head...

Im also done an animation of Tinkerbell which i guess i'll post here eventually.