Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Beginning of School

Well, classes have begun again... I know first impressions arent everything but i must say im quite content with my teachers for this semester, they certainly all seem competent and fun. We now have our own desks at school, which is pretty sweet, i took a few shots of mine. Im pimped it out with all kinds of cool junk.

Unfortunately its quite difficult to acquire an animation disk, but ive improvised something until i can get one.

Haven't been spending much time on my computer lately, but ill try to keep updates flowing, hopefully with drawings and such.

Special thanks to Boris' cam for the pictures. -> http://borismaras.com


Matías Hannecke said...

I know your secret. I know what your hiding in your desk. Will you ever sleep at night again? Shhuuun!

ps. nice munny are you going to paint it?

Amanda said...

Bahaha, Groossssssss!! I'm in one of those..

PO said...

Cool place!