Monday, December 10, 2007

Donny Takes Recreational Drugs!

Donny the party dude takes recreational drugs offered by his good friend Jacky.

Donny & Jacky like to hang out a lot at clubs and shows. Though Jacky might seem sad and quiet in demeanor, she's always up for good times in the nightlife. She finds pleasure in her wacky friend Donny, who tends to explode with energy at any given moment.

Donny Takes Recreational Drugs from Eric Angelillo on Vimeo.


Only one week of class left til' winter break, my next animation will be done by then. It stars my good friend Fugglzy the Rabbit and has a slight Xmasy (no, not Xtacy) theme to it.


Christina Dee said...

really liking your style, it's different from what I've seen around Sheridan. The walk run is really funny too.
Have a good holiday!

Eric "Spillz" Angelillo said...

Hey thanks a bunch.

That's very flattering of you.