Monday, December 24, 2007


Just got back form seeing Juno, the latest Jason Reitman directed film (the dude behind Thank You For Smoking)... WOW, I mean really. I havent enjoyed a movie this much in quite a while. Off the top of my head, Juno is probably the best film ive seen this year, and its definately in my top list.

The thought occured to me that this might be one of those movies that im super thrilled about initially but then when i see it again on video im incredibly disapointed, and i pray that is not the case. Realistically though, i dont think is, i think its really just that good. Surely this is due to many factors, i guess they just had a really good team working on this thing. Sweet directing, swell acting and hilarious writing make this movie a real gem. It was written by this lass by the pen name of Diablo Cody who's apparently new to screenwriting, but wow! Way. To. Go. Cody.

This movie even made me giggle like a high bastard, do you know how difficult it is for me to even laugh out loud while watching a movie?

This is the kind of stuff i want to work on. I wish there were animated flicks like this too. I mean, why do animated feature films have to be limited to battling robots, cute forest animals and Ogres making fun of better movies? Im not saying there shouldnt be any of those types of animated flicks anymore (well except maybe Shrek sequels, there's enough of those), but why not a little variety? Why cant there be this wicked fun Fox Searchlight picture like Juno thats animated? I think the only animated flick they put out was Waking Life.

GAH! Anyway, do yourself a favor and go see Juno.

In theatres.



Oh yeah, i also saw Tim Burton's new musical, Sweeney Todd. Pales in comparison to Juno, but nonetheless, beautiful imagery and fun tunes. Almost unsettling because of a lack of Danny Elfman though, haha.

Note to self: See Ed Wood.

EDIT: Almost forgot!! Having Kimya Dawson and Moldy Peaches tracks in Juno was the cherry on the sunday. Well done.


Amanda said...

Oh I want to see Juno, the trailer looked funny and cute 8)

roz said...

....i just cant bring myself to see movies about pregnancy