Monday, May 5, 2008

Bonzai Films

After a relaxing week in Miami, I'm now busy in the exiting world of freelancing. I got a one month contract deal as an assistant animator with the up and coming Bonzai Films studio in Montreal. I must say it's quite an exiting project to work on, especially compared to the digital cut-out animation i was doing last summer. Though I can't say much, I can say it's a feature film and I'm animating traditionally. Nuts to all who say there's only Flash and 3D jobs out there! The release is early next year... so everything else will have to remain secret until then.

My work station.

My supremo view, haha. Forgot to mention it's in this wicked old factory that was revamped for various businesses. Should've taken outside pics... there are catwalks and everything!


Matías Hannecke said...

duuuude. That sounds awesome. You'll definitely get alot better at animating. I still don't know where I'm ending up this summer. Either Blizzard or Volta. We'll see.

Jess Lindsay said...

pfttt you always go to miami...>_>

Amanda said...

Omg that's so friggen cool 8)
Hope you have fuuunn, Eric.

Jamie Metzger said...

Coooooool ass shit, Eric! Congrats!