Friday, June 27, 2008


In light of all recent super-themed films, I thought it might be a good time to bring back out my superhero team; Nitro Blitz, Featuring the brilliant Seraphim, the overconfident Ecstasy, the homeless Solarus and the luscious BloodStar.

I hesitated a lot with how I was going to approach this one. I settled with cell shading, though I originally wanted to give it a really painterly look. Problem is my comp seems to be having trouble managing Photoshop these days so the brush strokes of my tablet always have huge delays that kind of kill the feeling of painting. OH well.


Christina Dee said...

the cell shading suits it quite nicely, looks like a screenshot from an actual cartoon. Resurrecting old characters is fun, I like Solarus (probably no surprise there haha)

roz said...

nitro blitz is proabaly the best name for a superhero team ever, infact it should be all caps....and maybe with some exclamation marks like ....NITRO BLITZ!!!


(haha sorry)