Thursday, February 17, 2011

코리안 코믹스 (Korean Comics)!

I've finally gotten around to seriously studying the Korean language, which is a nice break from my art-related pursuits. However, it occurred to me last week that I may be able to merge both passions into one.

I've always found that restrictions allow for more creativity. In this case, my severe lack of Korean fluency poses an interesting challenge in coming up with entertaining comics strips.

The idea is that if I continue the comics over a long period of time, the text will improve along with my grasp of the language, making it a sort of journal of my progress.

Hopefully I won't insult an entire culture in the process.


Brother: My younger sister is drinking soju!!

Spadoid: Bottoms up!


Kevin Parry said...

Awesome! This is a fantastic idea, it'll probably be way more beneficial to actually apply the language somehow.

You should try and continue them into a narrative! The first story ever written with the evolving learning of a language.

Carla Veldman said...

these are cute, and a pretty neat idea with the evolving story/language learning curve. I look forward to seeing where these go.