Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On-the-Go Sketches

Finally I get to post something. I've been too busy lately, plus I just moved into a new place, so I needed time to unpack and such. Anyway, I'm making a point to properly set aside time for my personal work from now on.

I don't normally post my sketches, but I've been making a point of trying to sketch more on the go these days, so I might as well show a few of those drawings.

Caricatures of friends.

Captain John “Jets” McFadden

A Harajuku Couple


Meanwhile, I've been getting these really bad shoulder pains. The weird thing is that it's on my left side and I'm right handed. It gets bad when I'm at my desk at work all day, so it's becoming difficult to do some personal work when I get home. I still use my left arm a lot for hotkeys and such. Just typing this is killing me. I gotta see a specialist.

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Chenny said...

cool stuff! nice to see sketch's posted again :) as for shoulder pain, i went to the physio and they usually massage the opposite shoulder to help where the pain is...the body is weird like that. Maybe that's why you have those symptoms!

Andrew Wilson said...

i got the same problem chief, opposite shoulder is the killer, just gotta rub that right out!